Luchables Hack

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I feel like it happens every business trip: I’m dying for for a warm, home-cooked meal, but all I have are these stinkin’ Lunchables.

Well THANK GOD for the innovators over at Slice! They served up a delicious way to step up your Lunchables game on the road and eat less like a 6 year old and more like a 16 year old…what The Bachelor Chefs is really all about.


Homemade Popcorn

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It’s date night, but lets be real – you just spent every cent you have on booze last night, so it’s time to get creative. Put that Netflix subscription to work and make popcorn at home. Making it from scratch will make her think it’s way sweeter than it is and you’ll look like a goddamn hero.


Pepperoni Pizza Bites

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The person taking your order doesn’t speak english, the pizza guy is a jerk, the Domino’s pizza tracker isn’t as fun as it used to be, your pizza is missing a slice – lets face it, ordering can suck sometimes.

Here’s the TBC solution.