Sauteed Spinach

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In honor of Tiger Woods’ bevy of lady side dishes – here’s my favorite side dish! Dudes, if you like spinach, this is THE way to prepare it. It’s a quick and easy solution to “Soooo….what ELSE is for dinner?” — and THIS side dish won’t cost you a televised apology.

15 minutes and 1 skillet. Easy.


Hasselback Potatoes

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Here’s a pretty impressive-looking (and awesome tasting) recipe, which is a bachelor’s take on the Swedish version of a “baked potato”. It’s like french fries without the fried! I’m proud of this one…

Make sure you have a sharp knife, your cuts will be easier and more accurate. Take a look:


Sauteed Garlic Asparagus

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This recipe is the best sauteed asparagus recipe you will ever find (there, I said it).

Generally, this recipe makes about 2-3 servings but I can eat it ALL…unfortunately (for my stomach), I had a lady over and had to reserve half for her. Ugh.


Homemade Italian French Bread Croutons

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These little bad boys are super simple and absolutely delicious…not to mention impressive! Let’s be real: when someone says “blah blah blah, homemade croutons, blah blah”, your mouth is already watering.

Well, here’s how you do it…

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