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Hey world! Check it out – The Bachelor Chefs had an awesome writeup in SocialTik magazine.

It’s got the low-down on how this whole project started and where it’s headed…as well as some shit about being dirt poor and living with way too many bro-mates in a 2 bedroom apartment trying to make the best of ramen and easy-mac. RADICAL!

What’s Cookin? Man Made Dude Food | Socialtik Mag


Chicken MAN-chiladas

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Here it is, boys! You asked for it and I provided. This is definitely a dude’s take on the enchilada – thick, hearty, and packing a punch.

The recipe looks long, and has a LOT of steps, but if you’re trying to make an awesome enchilada dish from scratch, this is by FAR the easiest recipe you’ll find. Don’t be scared, it’s still pretty simple.