The Site:

TheBachelorChefs.com is a site conceived out of one dude’s journey through the evolution of cooking…and the need to eat something other than ramen. That dude is me – Brandon Bonfiglio. I began documenting my experimentations in the kitchen and displaying them for the world to see. That being said, every recipe on this site is the following:

  1. It is the first time that the I have ever attempted to make the recipe – for better or for worse!
  2. All photographs are taken by me while cooking…sure it makes cooking a bit harder, but if I can take pictures while cooking, you should be able to breeze through these bad boys!

The Company:

The Bachelor Chefs is a company that I started – dedicated to feeding the average dude;  the guy with 5 things in his fridge and absolutely no desire to clean up.  You know him.  You may even BE him.  Either way, consider this a public service.

Females and married dudes — don’t leave just yet! This site makes cooking fun, easy, and quick…something EVERY human (mingling or non) needs.

The Future of The Bachelor Chefs:

Big things are-a-brewin’ over here at TBC HQ. You’ll soon find a dynamically constructed back end which allows you to take your kitchen to the next level. From your own personal account to smart suggestions based on your specific lifestyle, TBC will be your one-stop-shop to finding out “what’s for dinner”…and then making sure you can make it.

About the author:

Brandon Bonfiglio