Sauteed Spinach

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In honor of Tiger Woods’ bevy of lady side dishes – here’s my favorite side dish! Dudes, if you like spinach, this is THE way to prepare it. It’s a quick and easy solution to “Soooo….what ELSE is for dinner?” — and THIS side dish won’t cost you a televised apology.

15 minutes and 1 skillet. Easy.


Valentine’s Day

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Check it out, guys. I’ve been asked by a solid 10 dudes about what they should make their babes for dinner tonight. Something fun, different, easy (obviously, and delicious. I kept responding with this combo – so I thought I’d make it more available to dudes everywhere!


Pan-Seared Lemon Basil Halibut

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I really wanted to put together a SUPER easy fish recipe that tasted as good as it was easy. 15 minutes and about 4 ingredients. It works with halibut – but you can use cod for a cheaper way to go.

I paired mine with an AWESOME sauteed spinach recipe: